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All you need is love
Love, love is all you need.
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1st-Jan-2015 01:00 pm - [OOC] Concrit
How's My Driving?

Any comments, questions or suggestions?

Feel free to leave them here. ♥

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AIM: Sarisa Senshi
E-mail: rabirabu at gmail dot com
Lord give me strength.
20th-Apr-2011 10:23 am(no subject)
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Thank you.
[About two weeks after Lute's disappearance from Discedo, a certain poster was taped up on the outside of the door to apartment 211 by a Prinny balancing precariously on one of its peg legs.]

It says... [[Not an IC cut]]Collapse )

[[ooc Anyone living in the Latimir apartment building who is interested in applying, or has heard about the ad is free to contact Flonne in person or over the network. (Of course it's perfectly alright if you just want to check up on her too.)]]
Fallen Angel

[A Ghost gives a cry of alarm at the sound of the buzzing communicator.]

...oh! I'm okay. It does that sometimes. You're pretty lucky that it doesn't happen to you, I think.

But going back to what we were talking before, you really don't remember how you ended up in this city either?

[The Ghost replies, and Flonne lets out a sigh.] I see. Then it's pretty much the same for us. I just hope that Sir Laharl, Miss Etna and the others are doing all right without me.

Um... I don't have enough Mana to hire you properly, but you're always welcome to come to our home, Mr. Ghost. It's the least I can do; all in the name of love!

[...] By the way, does the Netherworld Rosenqueen branch still have those special sale days for Flan?
Isn't this wonderful? The whole city is glistening! We even have enough now to do our own decorating this year!

Though putting that garland up by the windows almost shaved off a few years of my life, dood!

When that broom bumped into us, I thought that we were done for, dood...

W-well... It was being so helpful with the cleaning before. I don't understand what went wrong.

Hey, isn't the festival starting tonight? Does that mean there will be food?!

I would assume so. Festivals tend to be very... festive, after all! [Flonne giggles.] We should all go together!


W-wait! Prinnies!
I know that there are a lot of things about this world that I should be happy about, but... This just isn't fair.

[Flonne lets out a heavy sigh. She sounds depressed.]

The day that I got the Prism Rangers vs. Effort Ninja Gorrilian DVD and Prism Ranger V Blu-Ray, I was so shocked. I thought that you could only order these through the Rosenqueen Netherworld Branch online store. The Prism Ranger V Blu Ray wasn't even supposed to be out for at least two months! I had it on pre-order for 2,500 HL!

That's why when it suddenly appeared out of nowhere last month, I was so happy. I might have even danced a few circles around the living room. [She giggles quietly at the memory.]

Though... [Her heavy tone returns, and she lets out yet another sigh.] Once I realized that the technology to watch either one of these didn't exist in this world, it was so dejecting. It just seemed so cruel.

[...] ...! But... I can't just continue to brood and pretend that nothing is wrong, and even if I lack the means to watch my favorite heroes... I still have the power of my imagination, and that's nothing that technology can replace! The Prism Rangers would never accept defeat even when things seem to be at their worst, and neither will I!

[For your entertainment and delight, we give you... a musical treat!

Actually, it's more of song that Flonne decided to sing to herself while she's walking through the city. The bustling and exciting atmosphere is getting to her in the best way.
E-everyone! I think that my magic is working again! It was kind of tingly at first, and so I thought that maybe-

Anyway, this is very important! If you know anyone who is injured near the Latimir apartment building, then tell me and I'll come right away. I'll use all of my power to help!

Though, it might take some time if the damage is heavy, and please take others into consideration if you think that it will be better if I only close the wounds for now. The power level of my magic is still fairly weak. I don't know if this is just a fluke, or...

Please, leave it to me! I'm going to do my best!

[Suddenly, the sound of a plane flying overhead can be picked up faintly over the recording, fading out as it soars past.] ...?

Did anyone else hear that just now? I thought that I saw something, but... it's too dark out. I'm not sure.

[[ooc With the end of the fighting and her chip abilities in working (if not sort of weak) condition, Flonne will be going around casting healing spells on demand as much as her SP count will allow. Please comment for assistance, or feel free to assume that she helped treat any injuries if you're in the immediate area.]]
It's nice to enjoy a sense of peace every once in awhile, isn't it? Even if it's only just for a little while.

But you know, when that plane flew overhead a few weeks ago, it really surprised me! It was as loud as a spaceship!
Speaking of which, I wonder how Mr. Gordon, Miss Jennifer and Mr. Thursday are doing...

Um... [...] I'm really very sorry that I couldn't be more helpful to everyone. I always thought that I was making sure to take good care of my own health, but I guess that I ended up catching the flu bug. At least I think that's what it was.

So many dangerous things happened while I was recovering, and I couldn't do anything about it... It made me really anxious.

However, there's nothing that anyone has to worry about now. I've made a complete recovery!

But while I was resting, I've been thinking about a lot of things. - There might still be something that I can do to help! Once I'm able to get my powers fully restored, I'm going to be working even harder from now on!

Go! Fight! Win!

Locked to Dr. Eirin Yagokoro / 20% HackableCollapse )

Locked to Lute / 20% HackableCollapse )
[BZZZAP!] Ouch! Ooh... I'm sorry for neglecting you, Mr. Communicator!

I didn't think that I would end up getting so preoccupied with things, and... well... The time just passed me by.

Actually, it seems like a whole lot has happened since the last time I recorded an entry. Though, it is hard to remember everything that happened before, and I have this strange feeling of deja vu sometimes... B-but the important thing is that everything worked out in the end. Somehow. The monsters that were attacking the city before are gone now, and I think we can owe alot to everyone who worked hard to protect this city and the people living here. I know this comes a little late, but... Thank you very much, everyone!

Hmmm... What else?

The Prinnies and I are doing just fine. Though sometimes they seem a bit apprehensive... I wonder what went wrong?

...Huh? That's strange. It feels like I'm forgetting something important. [...] Oh well. Maybe it will come back to me later.

[[ooc That something is this, actually. (Anastasia, you are free to nag me on this, now that I have a more cooperative muse.)]]
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